Questions & Answers

How is pricing calculated?
The final cost of your cake order includes the cost of ingredients and supplies, labor and the value of my skill and expertise.  More intricate designs will cost more due to time involved in the design and decoration, not necessarily because of expensive ingredients. 


Can I request a flavor that’s not on the menu?

Yes! I love trying new flavors. I can’t always guarantee an unlisted flavor but if I can I will.


Do you offer gluten free / dairy free options?

Most of my cake flavors can be made into gluten free and/or dairy free options for dietary needs.  However my kitchen is not an allergen free facility and due to risk of cross-contamination, I can’t guarantee that any product is 100% free of allergens. If you have an extreme food allergy or medical condition I would encourage you to order through a specialized bakery.


Will I need to pick up my order?

I offer both pickup and delivery options. I do encourage my clients to have their cake delivered if it’s a larger two tier or anything larger than two tiers.


What do you charge for delivery?

I’m based out of Bluffdale, Utah.  Local delivery fees can range from $10-$40, delivery fees farther away can range from $50-$100